Morse Alpha Expedition partners with Lanex Yachting USA

Lanex Yachting USA has partnered with Morse Alpha Expeditions to promote sailing skills and quality boat rigging from Lanex. Morse Alpha Expeditions offers Coastal and Off Shore Sailing trainings for sailors of all skill levels. This summer sailors will learn about rigging with a variety of Lanex Yachting ropes aboard their Norseman 447. The entire educational vessel has been rigged in Lanex Lines. 

We had a great time getting to know Ben and Teresa and their young son Haven. We made sure that Ben understood the value of each line and the best use for it on the boat. After many hours of cutting and splicing we were very pleased to share this quality line with them and their students.

We look forward to visiting their boat the SV Rocinante in Rockland, Maine this summer. Can't wait to hear how she responds to the new line and to see how great she looks with all new Lanex Yachting Ropes!

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