The Sensible Yacht Cordage & Lanex Story

Your satisfaction with LANEX yachting ropes and the enjoyment you get on your sailboat with our cordage is our primary goal. At Sensible Yacht Cordage, we take pride in offering personalized service to our customers. We take the time to discuss your sailboat, your sailing needs, and how to best accomplish your goals. 



The Sensible Yacht Cordage founder Jan Trousilek, sailed and cruised in many parts of the world and learned the importance of the quality of the sailboat, the rigging, and the equipment to keep you safe in reaching your destination. Proper running rigging preparation is essential to your safely and enjoyment. When at sea sailing, you rely on your equipment and yourself, not the marine cordage store down the road. On a long crossing, your sailing lines are subjected to constant chafing and exposure to the elements. Conditions in which inadequate lines may stretch, break, and loose their shape. You need the quality of LANEX yachting ropes to endure your sailing adventure.

As a racing sailor, you are looking for performance lines. You want sailing lines that are exceptionally strong, that have minimal elongation, and can withstand the continued exposure to the sun and the elements. When racing, you are constantly putting your sailing lines to the test, asking the most from your lines, stressing them and expecting them to perform in a sailing regatta.

While sailing in Europe, our founder learned of the very high quality, high tech ropes manufactured by LANEX a.s. Corporation. LANEX yachting ropes are manufactured utilizing sophisticated technologies with extensive research and development and a demanding production and an inspection schedule. Sailors who have sailed with LANEX lines, expressed their confidence in LANEX yachting ropes and were impressed with how well they performed under pressure. LANEX yachting ropes have been tested in the rigorous waters of the Arctic, Antarctic, the Pacific and Europe, the Selma-Antarctica-Endurance Test, the CANY Offshore Cup, and others.

The LANEX yachting ropes are known through out Europe, and are a popular brand from the Baltic to Mediterranean Seas. These quality sailing lines were not available in the United States until Sensible Yacht Cordage began importing them four years ago. We have secured exclusive distributorship of these quality yachting ropes and we are pleased to make these sailing lines available to the American sailing market. Our founder and now new owner, Jonathan Thurston are experienced cruisers and racers and can attest to the exceptional quality and value of the LANEX yachting rope lines.