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Lanex a.s. of Bolatice, Czech Republic is the eighth largest rope manufacturer in the world. Their high quality lines are used in multiple industries in 50 different countries. These ropes are manufactured in state of the art factories with high quality control testing. In addition to yachting ropes, you will find Lanex ropes in the following industries; mountain climbing, military uses, theater, architecture and the paper industry.

Amateur racers and weekend cruising sailors love the quality of Lanex yachting ropes. Review our website and note our pricing in comparison to our competition. We offer a quality product, and outstanding customer service at an affordable price.

At Lanex Yachting USA we want all our customers to have the correct line for their boating needs. Contact Jonathan to confirm you are getting the right rigging line for your rigging needs.

Jonathan Thurston, Owner
Lanex Yachting USA
123A Narragansett Ave
Jamestown, Rhode Island 02835
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Lanex Yachting USA :123A Narragansett Ave Jamestown RI 02835


401 - 474 - 1458


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