Lazy Jack 12 Plait (Grey)

Lazy Jack Lines

This line is developed for lazy jack line systems to help guide your mainsail during take down.  This line is 12 plait construction, same construction as HMPE but it's made of polyester. To splice Lazy Jack line, just use the same technique as a HMPE splicing, whether it's a brummel splice or direct bury.

 Lanex Yachting USA has all the parts you need to build your new lazy jack system. To connect your splice to the boom pad eye use our 3mm grey soft shackle. At the upper connection point of the lazy jack system use a Barton Marine friction ring # 60451 for all brummel splicing points. At the top of the mast to transfer the the load of the 6mm Lazy Jack Halyard use a Barton Marine cheek block # N02160 with a curve backing plate #N02161. To secure the halyard to the mast use a Barton Marine Cleat # 52142.

Construction: Grey 12 Plait Hollow Braid

Core: Polyester

6 mm 1/4 2420 1.6
8 mm 5/16 3960 2.7
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  • Length: 1 ft
  • Diameter:
  • Color:
  • Add eye splice - side 1: No
  • Add eye splice - side 2: No

Lazy Jack 12 Plait (Grey)