Soft Shackles

Our soft shackle are hand made from Lanex  DF-3 HMPE line.  Almost every jib sheet that Lanex Yachting USA sells has a soft shackle to connect to the clew for easy install and removal.  Other advantages include added strength in conjunction with a splice versus using knots.  We recommend for sailboats under 50' to use a 6mm soft shackle for jib clew attachment and 8mm soft shackle for 50'-larger.  The 3mm soft shackle was designed for lazy jack attachment on the boom.

Construction: Braided 12 Strand heat set  line.

Material:  Nexsteel (HMPE) 


Diameter Diameter Break Load Weight/100ft
 3mm 1/8" 1,753 lbs .3 lbs
6 mm  1/4 7,054 1.3
8mm 5/16 11,684 2.4

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Soft Shackles