Lanex Dock Lines 2 / 3/8"


 Lanex Dock Line

Lanex Laguna dock lines are made of double braid high tenacity polyester for high strength and incredible abrasion residence. These lines out perform Nylon lines for the long term use under tough conditions with salt water, UV degradation and abrasion from chaffing on the dock cleats. 

Because Nylon is a plasticizer it will lose its strength when wet where polyester stays strong whether it's wet or dry.  That's why Lanex Yachting USA only sells polyester double braid lines for dock lines to there customers with hundreds boats supplied with no one complaining about the quality of the product.

 Diameter Breaking Load Weight
3/8" 4840 3.8 lbs/100'
1/2" 6380 7.0 lbs/100'
5/8" 8910 12.1 lbs/100'
3/4" 13860 18.3 lbs/100'


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Lanex Dock Lines 2 / 3/8"