Barton Marine 4:1 Boom Vang Systems

 Barton Marine 4:1 Vang System

Install a premade vang system on your sailboat ( 0 - 40').  Lanex Yachting USA is the only retailer in the US that offers Barton Marine's high quality fiddle blocks in combination with Lanex's Ocean line which has a Cordura/Polyester cover and polyester core that has superior abrasion resistance for long term use.

The three systems that are available are designed to fit on small, medium and large vessels to give high performance support for your boom under high loads.  Having  5 different color options, boat owners  can create a system to allow for safety and ease of use.  

Call Lanex Yachting USA if you would like custom applications included length of the line or add more blocks for higher purchase power.

 Part # Boat Length SWL Line Length Barton Block Specs
05900 0-40' 1650 lbs 10mm / 40' 1/N05641 fiddle block & N05440 fiddle block


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Barton Marine 4:1 Boom Vang Systems