Preparing Your Sailboat for next Spring

As the sailing season winds down, there are steps that you can take that will make your sailboat (and you!) happier when the next sailing season comes around. Here is our suggested outline for getting your running rigging ready for the winter layup:

1) Release the tension in your rig. It is good to relax the rig.

2) Take off as many sheets and lines and halyard as you can. It will help you to get longer life out of your sailing lines.

3) Gently wash all your sailing lines in fresh water to get rid of all the salt and grime from the cover and core. Use mild soap and then dry in fresh air. Flake in nice long loops.

4) Check all your sailing lines for damage. Replace any damaged lines. When you see damaged cover and core, it is time to replace. Contact us now to discuss your cordage needs for replacing line to avoid the spring rush.

5) Next step is to take care of all your blocks, shives and tracks. Use good lubricant to make sure that all are free and turning. Make sure your cars are sliding free.

6) Wash your furling drum with fresh water to get rid of residue in your bearing, then lube with dry lube or similar lubricant.

7) Clean and lubricate spinnaker pole and all fittings.

8) Clean and lubricate all your snatch blocks and all your clutches.

9) Check all your turnbuckles, clevis pins and cotter pins. That is very important to protect your standing rigging

This may seem like a lot of effort when the weather is cold and nasty, but it will pay off in big dividends in the long run. If you pay attention to these steps of caring for your sailboat, you will get longer life out of your running rigging and more worry-free sailing.