We Can Help You Re-Rig Your Sail Boat
You don't have to break the bank to have high performance yacht lines for racing, cruising or racer/cruising. We can re-rig your sailboat with new​ lines ready to use. Give us a call to discuss your sailing style needs, and we will get you the right running rigging for your sailboat, ready to use, for the way you sail. Here are some examples of new running rigging. Call us at 401-474 1458 to discuss how we can help you update the running rigging on your boat.
J22 D-F2 Dyneema Dynesport Dynestorm D-Race Levante mainsheet halyard

For J22

We created a new running rigging package for the J22 Club Boat of the Newport Yacht Club. We used Dynesport, Dynestorm, D-Race and Levante for the main sheet, main halyard, backstay, vang, cunningham, traveler and outhaul. The soft shackles were made from D-F2, Dyneema® SK78. 

Tartan35 V-Profi Levante D-Race Hurricane Zephyr halyard mainsheet shackle flemish reeve

For Tartan 35

The riggings we used were V-Profi, Levante, D-Race, Hurricane and Zephyr for the jib halyard, main halyard, staysail halyard, mainsheet and jack line, fitted with shackles, flemish reeves, and seized and whipped as needed.

Evelyn32 Dynestorm D-Race Levante halyards jibsheet toppinglift

For Evelyn 32

For new halyards, topping lift and jib sheets we used  Dynestorm, D-Race and Levante, complete with new shackles and eye splices.

We are proud to be a supporter of the William and Mary College Sailing Team, along with the sponsoring the Kingsmill Yacht Club.

We supplied the team with 10mm Blizzard for mainsheets, 10mm Zephyr for jib sheets and 6mm Ocean for main and jib halyards.

Give us a call to discuss your sailboat. We want you to have the correct running rigging for your boat, ready to use, for the way you sail. We love to talk about boats!