Snubber TWIST Mooring Line Compensator

Snubber TWIST is a patented mooring compensator that absorbs the mooring line shocks and reduces the stress on your boat and the dock.  Snubber products are made from carefully selected, high-quality materials and are made to endure severe weather conditions.  The products are color fast and will not leave marks on your boat.  All Snubber products are designed and made in Finland.

Features –

Designed for 1102 to 13200 lb. (500 – 6000 kg) boats

Size - 21.3” x 2.2” x 2.2” (542 x 55 x 54 mm)

Weight - .83 lbs. (375 g)  Fits up to 18mm lines

Can be used for anchor lines, painters, snubbers, & mooring pendent

Can be attached while the line is tied on both ends

Colors - White or Black

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Snubber TWIST Mooring Line Compensator