Barton Marine High Load Eye w/Dyneema Loop - 2.05" (52mm)

Barton Marine High Load Eye with Dyneema Loop - 2.05" (52mm)

The Barton high load eye with loop can be used in various applications on board including barber hauler, preventers, mast base block tidies, emergency blocks, occasional blocks and toe rail blocks etc.

The high load eye combined with the Dyneema loop gives you a fast, efficient, simple and extremely strong solution for changing the direction of any line.  The hard Anodized Aluminum eye is designed to have very good wear resistant properties with low friction, which combined with the high strength Dyneema loop gives you exceptional low weight to very high performance & load ratio.

The high load eye is designed and manufactured with Anodized Aluminum to maximize the strength and efficiency of the ring.  These high load eyes HV500 hard anodizing and the profile of the curved surfaces, these have been developed to keep friction as low as possible.  

Technical Specifications:

  • High Load Eye External Diameter - 2.05" (52mm)
  • High Load Eye Internal Rope Diameter/Size - .47" (12mm)
  • High Load Eye Bore Diameter - .87" (22mm)
  • High Load Eye Safe Working Load (SWL) - 7,275lbs. (3,300kg)
  • Dyneema Loop Length - 9.06" (230mm)
  • Dyneema Safe Working Load (SWL) - 5,291lbs. (2,400kg)

Barton Part Number 60461

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Barton Marine High Load Eye w/Dyneema Loop - 2.05" (52mm)