Barton Marine BabySplice Tool

Barton Marine BabySplice Tool

Sailors and Boat Owners are rediscovering the timeless art and skill of rope Splicing.

Splicing is the ability to terminate a rope or join two ends of a rope without using a knot. Barton’s EasySplice is designed specifically to make this action simple, fast and precise.  A balanced and lightweight tool that enables faster and easier rope splicing.

Features - 

  • Simple to use - No experience required.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Balanced needle and head construction.
  • Hand tool and three (3) needles included.
  • Splicing tool for up to 1/8" (4mm) line.

Barton Part Number 62053

*Sold as an Individual 

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Barton Marine BabySplice Tool