Barton Marine High Load Eye - .71" (18mm)

Barton Marine High Load Eye -  .71" (18mm) 

Ergonomically designed and manufactured with Anodized Aluminum to maximize the strength and efficiency of the ring.  These high load eyes HV500 hard anodizing and the profile of the curved surfaces, these have been developed to keep friction as low as possible.  The range has amazing strength to weight ratios, making them ideal for use as kickers, tweakers, genoa barber haulers, anywhere where weight saving and strength is important.

Technical Specifications:

  • External Diameter - .71" (18mm)
  • Internal Rope Diameter/Size - .16" (4mm)
  • Bore Diameter - .35" (9mm)
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - 1,213lbs. (550kg)

Barton Part Number 60450

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Barton Marine High Load Eye - .71" (18mm)