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Our customers frequently send us photos of themselves enjoying a sail. Sometimes they include their Lanex Yachting line purchases in the shot. This photo captured a happy sailor and his Lanex yachting lines are featured prominently. A perfect shot or us to share with you! Shown here is Lanex Ocean line in black and Meltemi in green on the mast. Our most popular sailing lines!

 The captain above sails out of Miramar Yacht Club in Brooklyn, New York. We visited the yacht club in late May to educate the yacht club members on the importance of quality sailing line, rigging it properly and how to best use it on your sailboat. 

Jonathan enjoys educating his customers. He wants them to purchase the correct line or their use on their sailboat. Give him a call with questions about your rigging needs. Better yet schedule him to give a talk about sailing lines to your yacht club.  

There is nothing more exciting to him than to talk about boats!

Contact Jonathan at 401 474 1458 or